A long time ago somebody said to me:“Buying a Canon DSLR doesn’t make you a photographer. It makes you a Canon DSLR owner”.

These photographs on this site represent my attempt to change from an owner to a fledgling photographer. It is a work in progress. Now that I have free time, I have no real excuse for not improving. I can no longer blame the equipment, as I now understand the mechanics and how to interpret the wonders of histograms. The biggest challenge will be the composition, and that is the journey I am now on.
At the moment, my knowledge of Photoshop is limited. I am unable to swap out bland skies for dramatic ones, insert flocks of birds when there were none, take out one ¬†object from a group of 4, so that there will be an odd number! ¬†This doesn’t worry me as I am interested in capturing the image as is. I will enhance colours, detail and so forth with an aim of making the image more pleasing. Everything that is in the image was there when it was taken, however, this might change in the future. Who knows!
However the question I keep asking myself is – Why oh why is sunrise so early in the morning?